Monday, May 11, 2009

PROJECT 3 - site visit Wed May 13 - no UNSW studio

Instead of going to UNSW tomorrow, let's meet in Newtown at 2pm outside of the DENDY cinema on King Street.

We will discuss some of the key elements of King Street, what to look for when gathering information about your site, and what things to document. From there, everyone can head off and start mapping their chosen site.

We will meet back at the same place at 4pm to discuss the information we have gathered, and pick up anyone who missed the 2pm meeting.

Please bring sketch pads and drawing materials, as well as cameras, measuring tapes, and aerial photos from Google, of the 3 sites.

WE WILL GO EVEN IF IT IS RAINING, because King Street is mostly covered with awnings.

See you then,


Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hi. So, have finally managed to get the student blog list updated.
This means that if your name does not appear on the list, I do not have a record of receiving your blog address. Please email your blog address to

Friday, March 20, 2009

Blog Archive 2008

I have included the link to last year's studio as discussed. If you want to see some examples of student work from Project 1 2008, look for their March 2008 blog archives.

2009 student blog links - I have been having trouble getting new student blogs to save on the list. I don't know why this is. So if yours is not up there yet, don't be concerned. I will sort it out before Wednesday.